Advantages of a 144hz Monitor over Other Models

Our son likes video games. He is picky about what he plays, and he refuses to play games that have bad language in them. We applaud his morals, especially since we never had to enforce that. He is just following examples. He is active in sports and social groups, so his video game time is not something we dread. We actually decided to reward him with a very large 144hz monitor that is paired with his graphics card. Most monitors refresh at a rate of 60hz. Stepping up helps in rendering smooth video. You can sync frame rates if you use brand graphics cards. You just need to make sure your monitor has the built-in capability to work smoothly with your card. You pay a little more for ones that have proprietary brand technology for frame rate syncing, but it can be very worth it. Just do not pay extra for a monitor that will work with a graphics card you do not have, because it will just fall back to the generic version of the firmware to work with your monitor. In other words, you spent extra for nothing. Read More »

Review: First 8-inch Windows tablet is a device that shouldn’t exist

My dissatisfaction with PC OEMs is something I have documented in the past. They offer a confusing array of products and tend to cut corners in the worst ways imaginable. The OEM response to Windows 8 has been to produce a wide range of machines sporting novel form factors to fit all sorts of niches, both real and imagined.

One niche that the OEMs haven’t tried to fill, however, has been sub-10-inch tablets. That’s not altogether surprising. Microsoft designed Windows 8 for screens of 10 inches or more, and initially the operating system’s hardware requirements had a similar constraint.

That decision looked a little short-sighted after the success of tablets such as the Google Nexus 7 and the iPad mini. Accordingly, Microsoft changed the rules in March, opening the door to a range of smaller Windows tablets.

The Acer Iconia W3 is the first—and currently the only—8-inch Windows tablet. That attribute alone makes it in some sense noteworthy. Sadly, it’s about the only thing that does.

Spec-wise, this is another Intel Clover Trail tablet, and its internals are basically the same as the devices that launched last year (such as its bigger brother, the Acer Iconia W510). This means 1.8 GHz, dual core, four thread Intel Atom Z2760 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB flash storage (which with Acer’s default partitioning leaves a little over 29 GB usable), front and rear cameras, Bluetooth 4.0, and 802.11b/g/n (no 5 GHz support). There’s a micro-HDMI and micro-USB port for external connectivity (a separate cable converts the micro USB port into a full-size one), along with an SD card slot. The tablet has a speaker adequate for notification sounds but little more.

As a result, performance and battery life are similar to what we’ve seen before. The Iconia W3 comes equipped with full-blown Windows 8, unlike ARM tablets, so it can run any 32-bit Windows application—should you really want to. Clover Trail’s GPU performance is such that games and other graphics-intensive programs won’t run well, however.

Eight inches of horror

The new bits on this tablet are really the screen and the size.

Screens are important. We spend essentially all our time interacting with devices looking at screens. Cost-cutting on screens is unforgivable, as a bad screen will damage every single interaction you have with the device. This goes doubly so for tablets, where the screen works not only as an output device but also as the primary input device.

The Acer Iconia W3’s screen is a standout—because it is worst-in-class. I hated every moment I used the Iconia W3, and I hated it because I hated the screen. Its color accuracy and viewing angles are both miserable (whites aren’t white—they’re weirdly colorful and speckled). The screen has a peculiar grainy appearance that makes it look permanently greasy. You can polish as much as you like; it will never go away. The whole effect is reminiscent in some ways of old resistive screens.

It’s hard to overstate just how poor this screen is. At any reasonable tablet viewing distance, the color of the screen is uneven. The viewing angle is so narrow that at typical hand-held distances, the colors change across the width of the screen. At full arm’s length the screen does finally look even, but the device is obviously unusable that way.

Acer has clearly skimped on the screen. I’m sure the panel in the W3 was quite cheap,

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The next thing that you need to consider is the price of the employee retention software since there are many kind of software package in the market with different features and these prices also vary based on the kind of software that you are going to purchase. For the company to maximize this kind of software, it should be very important for them to have the software customized based on their needs and goals if this will be possible so that they can be able to maximize the use of this kind of software.
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3-D Gun Printing: Here’s the Software That Stops It

New software has been developed that aims to restrict the manufacture of firearms that have been created using new 3-D technology.

The world’s first gun made using 3-D printing – called “The Liberator” – was successfully fired on May 6 in Austin, Texas. In just three days the blueprint created by startup Defense Distributed to produce the plastic gun had been downloaded around 100,000 times, according to Forbes Magazine.

Anti-gun campaigners have criticized the project, whilst lawmakers in different U.S. states have moved to pass new legislation to prohibit the manufacture, sale and use of the digitally made firearms. And now Danish startup Create It REAL has produced software that it says blocks users from printing guns in the first place.

“The likely buyers are 3-D printer manufacturers who want to minimize their liability risk and offer a firearm parental control feature to their customers,” Create It REAL’s CEO Jeremie Pierre Gay told CNBC.

“The feature creates a unique digital fingerprint of the firearm…the manufacturer could decide to block the print or to simply give a warning to the user of the potential danger.”

The software has taken a year to develop. The firm realized there was a gap in the market after surveying end users and 3D printer manufacturers. Gay told CNBC that his previous job working with Digital Rights Management (DRM) for technology firm Motorola served him well.

“[We realized] people are interested in the ability to put a lock on their firearms at home, the same should be possible on a 3D printer as a parental control feature. I would say that this feature is customer driven even if they did not know they wanted the feature when we asked,” he said.

“The possibility to make a firearm at home is not new, there are many plans on how to do it on Internet, the problem with 3-D printing is that it could become simply too easy, this feature makes it more complicated again.”

Cody Wilson, the man behind nonprofit Defense Distributed was skeptical that the product would actually be able to prohibit the printing of guns, which are produced as separate parts and then assembled. “The Liberator” is printed with hard plastic and fires a standard .380 caliber bullet. The only non-printed piece is a common hardware store nail which is used as its firing pin.

“Such software must walk a very fine line, of which I’ve no doubt it is incapable…It’s interesting PR to the uninitiated only,” the 25-year-old law student at the University of Texas told CNBC.

“‘The Liberator’ pistol is an assembly of over 17 parts, most of which individually would not set off a detection software unless the exact model was blacklisted. Think about it, springs, hammer, even the grip. These are not ‘guns’.”

‘Wild West’ Regulation

Both New York City and New York State have introduced legislation to curb the making of 3-D printed firearms or ban their use altogether and similar bills have been introduced in California. Linda Rosenthal, a New York State assembly member told CNBC that New York’s bill is currently sitting with the Codes Committee after the legislative session ended on June 21.

“I have all intentions of pursuing this legislation next session,” she told CNBC. “The controversy surrounding the passage of the SAFE ACT (the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act) will make passing any piece of gun-related

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The truth is that hiring them is difficult but retaining them is even more difficult for you. That is why these employees must be treated in the best way possible. The employee retention software will not only help during the recruitment process but as well as in knowing their skills and talents that can benefit the company. Aside from that, the software will help you maintain the standards of the company by keeping those workers that have met the standards. They are actually the best if they can offer the best for your company.Finding Similarities Between Programs and Life